#teamWBUR Raised 


The WBUR Marathon reduces a week-long fundraiser down to 26.2 hours. This works because #teamWBUR (that's you!) spends March and April raising awareness about the importance of supporting NPR.

When: 26.2 hours in April

Where: On-air at 90.9FM and online at wbur.org/team

GOAL: get more people involved in supporting public radio

What's #teamWBUR?

#teamWBUR includes everyone who thinks that public radio provides a vital service to our democracy. We use the #teamWBUR hashtag to talk about our common cause on social media, to promote community events, and to share our love of WBUR.

Easy stuff you can do right now:

1.) Share a pre-written message about #teamWBUR.

2.) Take a selfie with your WBUR gear. Tag it with #teamWBUR.

3.) Donate online, right now to support shorter fundraisers.

Contact Us

I still have questions—how can I get in touch?

We'd be happy to help you out. Email membership@wbur.org or call us at 617-353-5755.