#teamWBUR Raised

What is the WBUR Marathon?

It's 26.2 hours—in early April—to make a difference.

The WBUR Marathon is WBUR’s one day pledge drive. Instead of spreading WBUR's (very necessary) fundraiser out over a full week, the WBUR Marathon encourages listeners to send a powerful message by donating en-masse on one big day.

3 things you can do all year long:

  1. Tell someone about why you love NPR and WBUR. Talking about the importance of public media makes a difference.
  2. Take a picture of you and your radio. Use #teamWBUR to show people that you care about public radio.
  3. Donate. Any amount helps us keep WBUR strong. Support WBUR.

How is the WBUR Marathon different from other pledge drives?
Most pledge drives rely on getting your attention by interupting your favorite programming for days on end. Instead, we’re relying on #teamWBUR (that’s you!) to spread the word on social media and in person.

What's #teamWBUR?
#teamWBUR includes everyone who thinks that public radio provides a vital service to our democracy. We use the #teamWBUR hashtag to talk about our common cause on social media, to promote community events, and to share our love of WBUR.

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